About Sydney Clinical Psychologist 

“Clinical psychology” deals with applying the principles and science of psychology to mental distress and problems arising out of it with relevance to social issues and infrastructure and health care. A “Clinical Psychologist” is a professional who is equipped to assess mental health issues and problems, research them scientifically to understand with an objective of developing and providing proper psychological care and treatment in the form of interventions (also known as psychotherapy). Clinical psychologists across the globe, be it a Sydney clinical psychologist or a Texan clinical psychologist, have a set of professional ethics that are stringently adhered to. 

In today’s world of extreme professional competition and resultant stress, mental health problems exist in most urban cities. Sydney is no exception to the rule. Sydney clinical psychologists serve the city’s populace with renown care and discipline to ensure safe therapy and effective recovery. 

Psychologist Vs Psychiatrist 

A clinical psychologist possesses 2 year supervision or a postgraduate qualification in addition to a four year degree in psychology. The main objective of a psychologist is to help the patient or the client alter problematic behavior patterns and discipline their thought processes to develop the right strategies to deal with challenges of life. A psychologist is no doctor and therefore cannot prescribe medication. A psychiatrist on the other hand is a medical doctor who has specialized in the study of mental health. Psychiatrists can prescribe medication owing to having a medical degree. Psychiatrists and psychologists, both alike, are required to adhere to a code of professional ethics. 

Sydney with its vast population has reputed organizations that deal in psychological therapy and treatment like the Sydney Counseling centre having a multitude of Sydney clinical psychologists on their payroll, serving the people of Sydney with excellent infrastructure and state of the art psychological services through assessment, diagnosis, consulting, therapy etc. 

Sydney clinical psychologists have been providing assistance to many residents with therapy for alcohol abuse, substance abuse, insecurity dilemmas, violent behavior, trauma victims, sexual abuse victims and criminal behavior. A Sydney Clinical Psychologist focuses on biological, emotional, intellectual, psychological, behavioral and social aspects of human functioning throughout the life time of the affected irrespective of culture, creed or the socioeconomic levels before embarking upon a therapy schedule. 

Sydney clinical psychologists have an extremely excellent infrastructure to assess and impart intervention services to those affected. Assessments in the form of vocational, educational and cognitive are possible and telephonic consulting and counseling service is also prevalent. 

With a lot of expertise and resources at hand, Sydney clinical psychologist such as the Green Room Psychology Service located in Sydney’s Ryde and Eastwood region near Macquarie University is capable of using latest techniques to treat extremely serious disorders that include depression, anger, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, eating disorders, compulsions, alcohol or drug dependency, suicidal thought process, post-traumatic stress and other problems arising from physical and sexual abuse. 

Social anxiety, social phobia and psychological disorders arising even from computing and internet related work, are well handled and treated by many Sydney clinical psychologists with great efficiency


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